Decore is a project I built alongside Ian Trent for a class project. We decided to create a react web application that would help other developers get started with their web projects. Decore allows users to customize a layout setup that will generate custom html and css code that can be used as a starter template for any website.

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Forecast Application Work in Progress

Project Purpose and Goal

We built this project because we know how tedious and repetitive starting a new project from scratch can be, and we wanted to build something that we would also use ourselves.

We had a timeframe of a little over a month to build out this project, and our goal was to have the application fully functioning by the end of that timeframe.

Web Stack and Explanation

React was the clear choice for this project, because of its ease of state management and the amount of packages available. We also utilized Netlify as a server to host Decore, because it allows live updates alongside github.

In the future, we hope to add Redux to this project to clean up the states a bit, and we also are looking into a backend that can allow writing to files so users can download the code right to their computer.

Forecast image with differing weather information

Problems and Thought Process

Processing the necessary code into the editor was the most complex part of this process, we needed to update the object listing of the elements everytime a user added, removed, or reordered any element. This required complex state management in order to display the proper html and css when exporting.

Forecast image with differing weather information

Lessons Learned

This project helped to solidify a lot my React knowledge, such as using hooks or updating the states. I also got a lot of great practice using ES6+ syntax across the entirety of the project. This was a large code base to manage across a team, and we all got some more great experience with version control and reviewing each others code.