Working at Awkward

I had the opportunity to work at Awkward, a digital product agency in The Netherlands for my 2019 Summer Internship. This was an amazing experience where I was able to work alongside senior Developers and experienced Designers to build multiple powerful client facing products.

Throughout the summer I was pushed and challenged in every aspect of my skills and walked away as a much more refined developer.

Awkward's Office

Goal of Internship

Prior to arriving at Awkward, I set some personal goals for myself so that I had clear objectives on what I wanted to improve on and accomplish. Of these goals, my main priority involved improving my abilities with React, more specifically, my comprehension of React Hooks.

Another specific goal I had for my summer in The Netherlands was improving my abilities as a member of a team. I wanted to understand how every phase of the development process works, from ideation to launch. This included grasping more advanced concepts of git, such as rebasing, checkouts, and reverting.

Personal Challenges and Growth

This summer was one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences I've ever had. Traveling overseas and experiencing a completely new team taught me so much about myself and about the professional I want to be.

At Awkward, I learned a ton about React, React Native, Styled-Components, Git, you name it, but I also learned so much about how to be a developer with integrity and a valuable member of a team. Working alongside extremely talented developers inspired me and pushed my bounds of what I believed any developer can do.

Coffee By Benjamin

A project I built from the ground up, with React, Styled-components, Shopify, and Netlify. This website was built for a coffee roasting company that is launching soon. If you'd like to learn more about this project, I have an entire explanation on it linked below.

My Contributions

This was the project I spent the majority of my summer working on. I worked alongside a designer and app developer, to create a full experience for the user to introduce them to the roasting process of coffee.

This was one of my first large projects with React, here I was able to use GraphQL, Shopify API's, and React Hooks to creating an e-commerce site that's easy to use, yet modern and pleasing to look at.

Walter Note

Another project I worked on was Walter Note, an iPhone & Android Application built with React Native. This project was for a company that worked to help users discover homes in their area.

I was able to gain some valuable experience with React Native during this project, and was able to work in a pair-coding environment, where I wrote code alongside more experienced developers. I also had the opportunity to discuss changes and planning directly with the Clients.


For this project, I built out a handful of components such as the search result interface, and the gallery view. I was amazed by how easily one can transition from React to React Native, and loved the use of FlexBox across all of the interface designs.

The components I developed will be used in The Netherlands by many people who are looking to buy homes.


My experience at Awkward will be something I remember forever, and I want to thank everyone at Awkward for the time they took teaching me so many new lessons and giving me such an amazing experience. An extra big thank you to John Van De Water, who spent countless hours explaining React concepts to me, and Stijn Hanegraaf, for his incredible help with the design of this very portfolio.